Ruby Lake Ranch
Madison County, Montana

Price Reduced To: $7,490,000.00

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Trudau Lake, Alder, Montana
"Spring fed Trudau Lake in foreground, Ruby Reservoir in background"

The Ruby Lake Ranch is a Montana ranch property encompassing approximately 5,188± acres (4,268± deeded plus 920± BLM leased land) (NOTE: Includes partial interest in 40 acre parcel) of the Ruby Mountain Range, an area rich in natural resources, wildlife and history.  It's backdoor is thousands of acres of BLM wilderness area.  It's front door is over 3 miles of Ruby Reservoir shoreline, and all in close proximity to Big Sky, Bozeman, Butte and Yellowstone Park. 

Ruby Lake Ranch, Alder, Montana
"Looking from Warhoop Springs towards the Ruby Reservoir"
Ruby Lake Ranch, Alder, Montana
Ruby Lake Ranch, Alder, Montana
A terrific fully operational cabin perches atop heavily treed ridges overlooking virtually the world.  The terrain is varied from gentle sloping alluvial benches on elevations of 5,000 ft., to sheer treed rocky peaks and crevices with elevations beyond 7,000 ft.  Native forests open into grassy meadows,  basins and spring-fed areas throughout the property. 
Ruby Reservoir, Alder, Montana
"Creeks spill from huge springs down the desert alpine ridges to the Reservoir"
This Montana ranch property bounds the Ruby River Reservoir for over 3 miles along it's east boundary.  The Reservoir is an excellent rainbow fishery.  A very significant spring-fed pond, Trudau Lake, a small, warm spring lake is situated on the property near the west boundary of the Ruby River Reservoir.  The spring flows and cascades down ledges to Ruby River Reservoir.  There are great pond and fisheries development potential.
The ranch's diverse recreational and wildlife resources are accessible year round and serve as habitat to migratory and resident herds of big game animals including Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Moose, Bear and Mountain Lion.  Upland birds and waRuby Lake Ranch, Alder, Montanater-fowl also share the abundant resources found on the property.  Ruby Lake Ranch has numerous natural and developed water resources and systems and fabulous additional water resource development potential for both stock and irrigation water uses for the agricultural operation and as recreational and natural habitats. The springs also constitute important senior irrigation rights.  Numerous creeks and springs emerge from the snow capped peaks and drainages. 
Ruby Reservoir, Alder, Montana
"The ranch from across Ruby Reservoir"
Five ecosystems, including high desert, riparian, desert alpine, sub-alpine and alpine create wonderful vegetative tree and wildlife diversity.  This Montana ranch property also enjoys a diverse historic background, the beginnings of which are evident in rock embedded insect and animal fossils found on the property.  Remnants of Native American habitation have also been located.  Significant conservation easement tax benefits could be realized on the Ranch.  See Brochure for more details on this spectacular Montana lake property. 
This offering is for all of the real property and leasehold interest and all appurtenances and rights described in the listing presentation owned and controlled by Ruby Lake Ranch, a Limited Liability Company.  Ruby Lake Ranch is accessed by Montana State Highway 287 to Alder, Montana then south from Alder on paved Route 357 to the south end of the Ruby River Reservoir, then by graveled Garden Creek Road to the property.
Offered at $7,490,000.00

NOTE - Disclosure:  A principal of the Seller is a licensed Real Estate Agent with Trails End Land Company, LLC, and a licensed Property Manager in the State of Montana.

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